Chapter 15 – Fletcher

Upon waking up, James was perplexed on what to do about the too much flirting of Sanae on him. He wasn’t even sure if he should be happy or confuse with her flirting. But one thing is clear, since the moment he woke up, he was confronted with the intense stare coming from this pink haired beauty.

After a few hours, James finally broke free from Sanae, of course he had promised to add her to his friends list inside the game, and also promised her that he would go adventuring with her.


James: “Gramps, I’m back!”

After logging back inside New World Online, James immediately called out to Marvin.

Marvin: “Finally, I’ve been waiting James, I can now begin teaching you all the basics of fletching.”

Marvin: “Now remember this well James, fletching is not just some common skills. It is one of the most important skill, second only to those blacksmith.”

James: “But gramps, I though blacksmith can make arrows and bows?”

Marvin: “Hohoho, of course they can, but compared to the product that we fletcher’s create, then their bows and arrows compared to the ones that we make are mostly called shit.”

James: “What do you mean gramps?”

Marvin: “Let me put it this way James, It is our specialty, and blacksmiths specialize in creating swords and armor and even repairing them. Like them, us flethers have this secret metehod to create bows and arrows that immensely reduced the time that it takes to create them.”

Seeing Marvin proudly boasting. James felt that there is more to fletching than meets the eye.

Marvin: “And by the way James, fletching does not only include bows and arrows, but also creating crossbows, bolts, throwing daggers are also included to fletching.”

Marvin: “James ma boy, I forgot to tell you the most important thing.”

James: “What is it gramps?”

Marvin: “I hate to say this but… I am the last fletcher…”

James: “Huh? what?”


James: “Ohh, you must be someone special huh gramps?”

Marvin: “*sigh*, I guess so. I tried passing my knowledge back then, but no one met my criteria.”

Seeing the depressed look of Marvin, James immediately encourage him.

James: “Well, you still have me gramps, I promise to met all your expectations. I will also do my utmost best to not fail you gramps.”

Marvin: “Ohoho, obviously! if you don’t do your best, then the legacy of us fletchers will only meet its end with me.”

Marvin: “James, remember this, the arrows that we fletchers create are vastly way more powerful than those arrows created by blacksmiths.”

James: “What do you mean gramps? I think its practically the same…”

Marvin: “Hohoho, you think its the same huh? well, let me tell you james. In my time, the arrows that we fletchers sold are vastly sought by others, wanna know why? since our arrows are imbued with magic.”

Hearing the word magic, James eyes seemed to have gained some glint in them.

Marvin: “Oho? so you are interested in magic huh? but I’ll you this James, don’t become a magician.”

Hearing Marvin telling him to not become a magician immediately made James expression into a frown.

Marvin: “Don’t be downhearted James ma boy.”

James: “But…I really wanted to fly into the sky and cast those awesome magics.”

Marvin: “Hohoho, awesome? those magicians are just wasting time on their incantation. Hmmm, wait let me see if I still have that last arrow that I saved before I retired.”

Marvin seemed used some kind of hand gesture and immediately an arrow with a red tip appeared on his empty hand.

Marvin: “Ah, here it is. We fletchers might not be able to fly, but we have this.”

Seeing the arrow on Marvins hand, James could not help but frown.

Marvin: “Don’t frown yet James ma boy, this arrow here is one of my best creation. This is called bomb arrow III. Well telling you is not convincing enough, so I will just show you how it works.”

Marvin materialize on his other hand an ordinary bow and he then position himself to fire the arrow into an empty space 50 meters away from them.


Marvin: “Hohoho, what do you think James?”

James: “So…so coool!”

Marvin: “Hohoho, I know right? this is much better than those magician right?”

Seeing destruction caused by the arrow,  James interest in fletching grew to a new heights. Who knew that an ordinarily looking arrow could create such destruction.

James: “G-gramps, you mean I will be learning how to create exploding arrows?”

James happily said to Marvin with a trembling voice. It’s obvious that James is so excited because of how he stutter.

Marvin: “Of course, and not just exploding ones James, there’s a lot of variety of arrows I can teach you to create from different kinds of gems, ores and other minerals.”

Knowing that Marvin could teach him how to create different kinds of arrows. James eyes gleamed with delight.

Marvin: “Now now, don’t be excited yet James ma boy. fletching is easy, but finding the materials is the hardest part.”

James: “You mean…”

Marvin: “Yes, it is what you are thinking James, High level materials is of course in turn protected by high level monsters or is being held by high standing people and nobles.”

Marvin: “I don’t know about your world James, but here, the nobles are all despicable and a rotten bunch. Their filled to the bones with greed.”

Seeing the anxious face that James made, Marvin soften his voice.

Marvin: “Don’t worry James, because some of those high level materials can be acquire through quest and maybe if you are lucky on your adventure, then you will naturally stumble upon them even if you don’t search for them.”

James finally relaxed, he knew that since this is a game, he should just go with the flow and enjoy himself as much as possible as he can.

Marvin: “I guessed I’ve said all that is needed to be said. So I’ll ask again James, are you willing to become a fletcher?”

James: “Yes! I am willing”

Without any hesitation, James replied, then after a few seconds, James was being enveloped by a blinding light.

Congratulations you are the first one to receive the class of a Fletcher.
+50 Intelligence
+50 Wisdom
+50 Charm
+50 Luck
+10% to all elemental affinities
Class skill Fletch acquired!
[Rank S] Fletch (Active)
Allows fletching with the use of mana, each fletching consumes 25 mana.
Note: Success of fletching depends on the materials gathered and a clear image of what to fletch.
-Increase base mana by 1000 points.
-Instantaneous fletching.
Class restriction applied
-Not allowed to equip a heavy armor.
-Not allowed to carry a sword or a shield.

Marvin: “Hohoho, Seeing your expression, I guess you like what you got huh James ma boy?”

James nodded and energetically replied

James: “I like it very much gramps. I can’t wait to try it out.”

Seeing James replying energetically, Marvin’s eyes shone with a hint of mischievousness.

Marvin: “Well, how about trying it out James?”

With encouragement from Marvin, James collected a tree log and an Iron ore. He placed the item he collected in front of him and started to use his newly acquired fletching skill.

James: “Fletch!”

James held out his hands towards the collected material and casted his fletching skill.

You have created an iron arrow.
+10 incomplete iron arrow
(Incomplete) Iron arrow.
An unfinished iron arrow created by a novice fletcher.
Damage 5-10
Distance 10 meters

Seeing James confused look, Marvin could not help but let out a snickering sound.James blanked out for a moment and turned his gaze towards Marvin.

James: “G-gramps, why did I create an incomplete arrow? I thought it was easy…”

Marvin: “James, what did I tell you before hand?”

James pondered for a bit then replied.

James: “To collect all materials needed?”

Marvin: “Exactly!”

James: “But I collected all of them”

Marvin: “Think again James, what does an arrow look like to you?”

James: “That’s a stupid question gramps, of course it has a head, body and t-tail…”

Upon realizing his mistake, James started to collect another bunch of materials again, this time he did not forget to collect some feathers.

James: “Fletch!”

You have successfully created an Iron arrow.
+10 iron arrow
Iron arrow.
A well made iron arrow.
Damage 10-20
Distance 20 meters

James: “Yes!”

Marvin: “Oho? seeing your happy expression, I guess you succeeded in creating your very first arrow huh James ma boy?”

James: “It’s all thanks to you gramps.”

Seeing James expression, Marvin could not help but smile. Having such an excellent disciple is what Marvin had dreamed before that he though would never come true.

But now, he was looking forward to what this disciple of his could accomplish.

With his natural looks, likable and hard working personality. It was obvious that James will become the topic of everyone, may it in the real world or inside New world online.

Marvin: “Good work James, now remember this. The better the material you use, the better the outcome of your fletching will be.”

James: “Got it gramps.”


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