Chapter 2 – Seien High

After 6 years…..

It’s been 6 years since the last time James had met Airi.

His overall physic had changed a lot.

His height is now almost the age of 14.  With his height and his supple muscles which were trained by cutting trees in the jungle. At the sight of him, all of the girls will immediately fall for him.

Cutting trees became his daily routine.

At first he just wanted to help his grandpa Clain… it’s weird, why would his grandpa cut trees if they are well enough right? Well it’s because cutting tree’s is Clain’s hobby…He said this to James “There is no better way to exercise than to cut trees here in the mountain James.” Of course given that there is not much to do in their home anyways. James decided to also cut trees, weirdly… he found cutting trees fun and enjoyable.

Like grandfather, like grandson…

James: “Grandpa! Grandma”

James was running and yelling excitingly towards his grandpa and Grandma, Clain is peacefully sitting on their terrace together with his wife Julie while sipping coffee and watching the sun rising.

Clain: “Ohh James my boy, what is it that got you all hyped up this early in the morning?”

James: “Grandpa look at this.”

James with a wide smile on his face, took out a letter. Which contains his acceptance to Seien High

Clain: “That’s great James, I knew you could do it. What’s more, you even passed the entrance exam with flying colors”

James is filled with joy and is brimming with pride upon hearing his beloved grandpa’s praises.

While Julie said with a small hint of grin in her face.

Julie: “Oh wow! That’s great James, now you can finally meet again your beloved Airi”

Both Clain and Julie expected James to blush, since that’s how he usually reacts upon them mentioning Airi’s name.

But to their dismay, James became mature enough. He only nodded happily which made both Clain and Julie sigh.

Clain: “Oh my, darling, our James is all grown up now…”

((Author:No shit…his friggin almost 6ft tall…))

Julie: “Yes darling, I still remember the when he would just ran away covering his face upon teasing him with Airi’s name”

Clain/Julie: “*Sigh*, but it’s good that his more open and happy now”

But… Clain and Julie did not know that even to this day, James is still shy around girls.

And Airi is probably the only one he comfortable talking with.

The three of them watched as the sun rises, after that, James proceeded to his usual daily routine of cutting trees while Clain just sat on the terrace chair watching his grandson happily cutting trees. While Julie went towards the kitchen and began cooking their breakfast.

Clain: (Ohoho, I am glad that my grandson found the joy of cutting trees. His body is becoming more toned by the day. I wonder how little Airi is doing? Hoped she became much beautiful than last time so that she could ensnare this grandson of mine kekeke)

Clain is happily sipping his coffee and chuckling to himself while thinking about how his grandson will become popular with the females. (I can’t wait to have a great grandson…) *sip* *sip*.

James is shirtless as he cut down trees and sliced it down into smaller logs.

At first, it would take him half a day just to cut down a single tree. And another half day to cut it down into bits of logs.

But now, he can easily cut down 5 trees while cutting it down to bits of logs in just 2-3 hours.

After James had finish cutting his last 3rd tee, his grandma Julie called, she said that in just 30min their breakfast will be ready. So James rested for 15 minutes and then went inside to take his morning bath.

After bathing, he then went towards the dining room to have dinner. But was surprise to see another old man eating with them.

James could see that the old man has a resemblance to his grandpa.

Upon seeing James. Clain motion his hand for James to come closer.

Clain: “Ah Kraig, this is my grandson James, and James this is Kraig my brother, and he so happen to be Airi’s fathers, father, which makes him her grandfather.”

Upon hearing what Clain had said, James immediately lowered his head to greet Kraig.

James: “Ah, it’s good to meet you….ummm…grandpa Kraig.”

Kraig: “Hoho, what a polite grandchild he is Clain, and his height is really amazing, coupled with his looks…no wonder Airi won’t stop talking about him even until now…she kept telling us how excited she is when James said that he would come to our school.”
James tilted his head upon hearing grandpa Kraig says “Our school”.

Clain, upon noticing James confusion then said.

Clain: “Oh, he is the principal at the same time the head director of Seien High”

James lowered his head again saying…

James: “Ah!, please pardon my rudeness, umm… principal Kraig. And thanks a lot for accepting me to your school”

Kraig smiled and said.

Kraig: “No need to be thankful James, I was the one who specially made you those hard entrance test… I even though that you would only be barely passing, but I did not expect you get a full marks in all subject.”

Kraig: “If not for your prowess in academics and Clains connection with me, I doubt that you would have the opportunity be able to enter an all Gi…”

Before Kraig could finish speaking. Julie cough, she glared at them with her fiercest look as if motioning them to start eating. Her eyes was scary… even Kraig rushingly ate his food. The same goes to Clain and James.

Upon finishing from eating.

Kraig stood up and said.

Kraig: “Ok, let us be on our way James”

James was having this confuse look in his face, while tilting his head towards his grandparents in confusion and said.

James: “Huh? Gramps, what did grandpa Kraig meant?

Clain: “James my boy, this decision is hard for us. But since you are already accepted in Seien High and its two stations away from our home. We decided that you could just live in a dorm.”

Julie: “Ohh my grandson, it pains me to see you leave so soon, but be careful ok? And don’t have too many girlfriends…maybe 5 is enough.”

James became utterly shock upon hearing what his grandma Julie had just said…of course he knew what it is that she meant. He even hope that he could experience it with Airi.

But since he did not think that highly of himself and did not even thought of himself as handsome.

James just buried the words that his grandma Julie had just said into the very corner of his mind. Of course with the exception of Airi, he knew that he loves her. He was afraid that she would have forgotten about him already. But hearing what Kraig had just said, new hopes had begun to develop inside of James.

James pondered upon his mind for a few seconds before replying. After he found what he wanted to do, and his resolve, he finally spoke in a happy mood.

James: “Ok gramps, and Mommy Julie, I will make sure to be careful when I am at school, and I promise I won’t neglect my studies.” for some reason, James had been starting to call Julie, Mommy.

It all started after a few weeks when he first arrived. Julie said to him that, since his step mother did not showed him any forms of love. She suggested that she becomes James 3rd mother. So that’s why James is calling her mommy.

James packed the things he needed, like 5 pairs of clothes, toothbrush, his wallet and a picture of him and his grandparents on a frame…well it’s really not much but, for James there was no more important things that he needed to bring.

Kraig’s eyes widen, because he only saw James carrying a bag pack… he thought he would bring something like a big traveling bag…but he only brought a bag pack.

Kraig: “….well…I don’t know what to say but…how many pairs of clothes did you brought James?”

James: “Five”

James immediately answered without any hesitation. But Kraig still pressed on further.

Kraig: “Clain, Did you not buy James more clothes?”

Clain frowns a bit, and then said.

Clain: “Don’t insult me my friend, of course I bought him, he has a lot of them piled up on his closet.”

Julie: “James, why did you bring only a few clothes with you?”

As if ignoring the two older men arguing, Julie asked calmly towards James. His answer made her speechless but also made her smile a bit.

James: “Umm, well…it’s because these five clothes are the only ones that fits me…the others are just too small…”

Kraig: “….yea you’re really tall for your age James, I wonder what these Oldies feed you.”

Clain was somewhat thick off at the remarks of Kraig. He stared daggers at him while Julie was making her fierce and scary face.

Kraig: *sweating, and somewhat paling* of course, it’s a Joke, your grandparents are still young and healthy. I bet I looked older than them.

After their bickering and such, it is now time for James to leave together with Kraig.
James said his goodbyes to his grandparents, then left together with Kraig.

James was now sitting at the front seat together with Kraig. Why? Well its because Kraig was the one driving, he has this Red sports car which kind of looks like a Ferrari…or was it a Ferrari? Well I don’t really care.

As I was saying, James was now sitting at the front seat together with Kraig. He was feeling excited for this is his first time traveling in such an expensive car. Since every male dreams of having their own car, much less the one that Kraig was driving.

James: “gramps Kraig, your car is awesome.”

Kraig: “hohohoho, ain’t it my boy? It took me years of working before I have gotten this baby.”

Both James and Kraig had a pleasant conversation about their likes hobby and such.

Upon arriving…James was startled. It’s not because they arrive at Kraig’s lavish home, but because they arrive at Seien high.

James could not take his eyes and anxiousness away, because what he saw was girls…yea a lot of girls.
Not ordinary girls, but girls who seems to be a daughter of a king, noble, president, etc… all of them were beautiful that James has mistaken that they were the daughter of king’s noble, president’s and such.

James: “Uumm…gramps Kraig, did we get lost or something?”

Kraig: “Nope my boy, this is Seien High, or rather this is a Private school Seien girls High”

James is shock, because he only found out now that the school that he will attend from now on is an all-girls school.

Upon exiting the car together with Kraig.

As expected James garnered all attentions towards him.

And then a black haired beauty came into sight, a hair that seems to reach her very back. Eyes that could captivate every men and a facethat has a glint of cool beauty in it, rosy lips that men would long and die to touch for, a body proportion that could shame even the goddess herself. This beauty was waiting at the front gate patiently, and when James exited the car together with Kraig, she immediately ran towards them and hugged James.

Her luscious body was sticking all over James with her arms all wrapped around his. Airi was even yelling something like “You’re finally here!”

Seien number one beauty, Airi.

Other girls were murmuring to themselves that it was their first time seeing their president committing such an indecent act. Which is understandable to some degree since Airi is the student body’s president and hugging a young boy in broad daylight seems to be an indecent act in their point of views.

Other female students were also blushing, not because of the act that Airi’s has done, but because it was their first time seeing such a tall and handsome looking young man. Majority of them were even trying to cover their eyes but still peeking through the gaps of their hands.

While wearing a shirt and a short. James shirt were just tight enough that his muscle could be seen through them. James had no intention of showing of his body, it’s just that his clothes barely fit him anymore, that’s why he had planned to buy new clothes before the class start.

James: “Ohhhh! Its Airi right? It’s been 6 years Airi.”

James instinctively lift Airi up… well it was not intentional since he was tall.

James hugged Airi back from happiness, she was even lifted up in the air while he was spinning around together with her.

Airi: “Yea it’s been 6 years James, and wow you grew up really tall and became really handsome”

Airi had a faint blush on her face, while James was just happy that he could not help but say in all honestly in reply.

James: “You too Airi, you became really beautiful and pretty”

James face had a slight hint of red in it when he complemented Airi. It was literally the first time that he had complemented a girl about her beauty.

And then all of a sudden…a blonde haired girl came, with a deep green eyes and a body that could compare to Airi appeared.

(Unknown Girl): “Hmp what is a guy doing here? Males are not allowed here”

Kraig: “Now now vice president, he is a special case and he was the one who ace’d the special entrance exam that I personally made.

(Unknown Girl): “Hmp, you are too lenient Mr. principal, because of this guy, Airi-sama is doing the-these indecent things in front of the student body. “

Hearing the repremanded tone of the blonde haired beauty, Airi could not help but blushed for a minute and then re-compose herself before saying.

Airi: “ I am sorry Stella, it’s just that… it’s been six years since James and I had met”

Airi: “Oh right, Stella meet James, he is the one that I kept talking to you about and James meet Stella, she is my childhood friend and the vice president of Seien High student body”

James did not know how to interact with girls of his age. So he just took Stella’s hand kissed it while saying.

James: “It’s nice to meet you o fair lady.”

Airi’s eyes flinched upon seeing James kissing Stella’s hand while comparing to the hug she got earlier.
Airi: “N-n-no faaair!”

Airi wrapped her arms around James and gave him a long kissed on the Lips before removing her arms again.

Her actions made most of the females present in the campus blushed, others were covering their eyes with their hands but still peeking at the gaps between their fingers. Even Stella is dumbfounded on what their composed and role modeled president had done.

Stella: “A-as I though, having a male on the campus is i-indecent”

Stella was going to slap James, but her footing slipped and she fell towards instead.


Shock filled Airi’s eyes, she was really shock and speechless at what had just happened.

Stella is now on top of James with their lips touching each other. In short they kissed… albeit accidentally.

Kraig: “Ehem, I did not know you were this indecent yourself Vice-president Stella”

It was now Stella’s turn to be dumbfounded, hers and James eyes met for a few seconds before she rushingly stood up and shouted “I-its not what you think…”

Airi expression suddenly became filled with ominous black aura.

Airi:” Oho, you kept saying that I was indecent but you are the indecent one yourself Stella, but even if you are my childhood friend, I won’t hand over James to you.”

Stella: “Ho-how indecent!”

Stella with her hand covering her blushing face was running inside the school building

Kraig: “Hahaha, I guess you’re really popular eh James?”

Airi: “Seriously James…please don’t make every girls here fall for you…because…..I don’t like having too much competitors”.

James, being at lost did not know what to say, all he could think of is.

James: (Huh? is kissing supposedly be a greeting here?…who am I kidding…it was an accident…yea that probably what happened.)

James: “Ah, Y-yes”

Airi kissed James again on his lips and said.

Airi: “ I welcome you again James on Seien private high”

A smiling expression could be seen plastered in Airi’s face, she was obviously in a happy mood, because James and her finally will be able to attend school together. Even though she felt that troubles will follow James around.

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