Chapter 3 – Huh? Prince? husband? …

After talking with Kraig and Airi.

James is now being led by Airi to his dorm while touring a bit around the campus. While Kraig left to deal with somethings on his office.

As James was walking around the campus with Airi, he was amaze on how huge it was. It could be said that it is more likely a town than a campus.

With his eyes sparkling from excitement, James let out in amazement.

James:  “Wow this school is really huge and the area is wide.”

Airi: “Hehe, it’s expected, this school is for the elites of the elites James” (*sigh*it would be great if you pay more attention on my advances James.)

While touring, Airi was actually doing some advances on James, like intentionally grabbing James arm while pressing it between her breast, and she also intentionally tried to flutter her skirt, showing her panty to James. But alas, it was all in vain because James seemed to be too occupied on his surroundings, he was 100% admiring the sight around him. who wouldn’t? This is probably one of the biggest school in the country.

While touring the school, James could see that 99.99% of the students is compose of females, and he is probably the only male student.

And every time some female students greet Airi and him, James would actually blush as if it was his very first time talking or even seeing a girl.

The girls who greeted them would actually giggle with themselves saying, “Look Airi sama’s boyfriend is soo handsome”, “Yea, and his also reaaallly taaalll”. While the others would intentionally trip just to get a feel on James body.

Airi: (Wh-what the heck are they doing? And James…I did not know you became dense…them tripping over to you is 100% intentional, they just want to get a feel on…*blush* your body)

Airi grabbed James arm and pressed them again between her breast, which caused the female students who saw the act blush, while the other would say, “Kyaa, the president is soo bold”, “Yea, it’s the first time that our cool president is acting this bold”.
James: (There are a lot of girls…but, I am too shy to talk to them… I’ve been this way since long ago, I am just too shy to talk to strangers, much more if it’s a female…yea they sure are wearing such short skirts.)

James is troubled on his future school life, since he is pretty much green horn about the topic towards the relationship with the opposite sex. Even though three girls already had kissed him, first was Airi, he felt that the kissed that happened between the both of them was just friendly a kiss or a greeting, but I am sure James was smart enough to know that kissing the opposite sex is an act of showing ones love or something like that, but…I think he just forced himself to think that the kiss was nothing more than a friendly one. While the kiss that happened between Stella and him was considered an accident…oh wait it is an accident.

Arriving at the dorm,

James: “Woa, such a huge place, it looks like a mansion.”

James began to admire the 3 story tall like mansion, while Airi is smiling besides him. There’s also a veranda above the entrance and basing only by the style of the widows, the mansion like place is really 2nd to non than a real mansion.

Then suddenly, a sweet voice accompanied by the smell of a sweet flower in a gentle breeze came

Unknown girl: “Oneechan welcome back”

Hearing the sudden voice, James turned around looking for the sweet voice, the one who came in his eyesight was a girl wearing a stylish hat standing on the veranda.

Airi: “Oh Reina, it seems you’re already here. Let me introduce you, this is James…my husband”

James: (…did I mishear her? Yea, I probably misheard her…*whew* for a second there I though I heard her called me her husband…)

Airi: “And James, this is Reina my sister, she is the same age as you and you two probably will end up as classmates.”

James was gazing upwards, without saying anything. Just looking towards the mysterious beauty, Reina.
Airi: “James? Whats the matter? Why are you staring at Reina?…don’t tell me it’s l-love at first sight?”

Airi was worried, she was worried that James might ended up liking her sister Reina, more than he would like her.

Airi then took a look at the place James was staring, upon seeing it with her own eyes, she was shock at first, but then she glared at Reina while grabbing James arm squeezing it between her breast and said.

Airi: “Reina, y-you…even though you are my sister…I won’t let you seduce MY James”

Reina: “W-what are you talking about Oneechan… even though I admit that James is handsome…there is no way I would s-seduce him…s-since this is the first time I met him…”

Airi then said while squinting her eyes.

Airi: “Oho, so given time, you would seduce him? And Reina…if you really are not seducing James right now, why are you wearing those? I never knew you liked to wear black lacy underwear….”

Reina’s body then trembled, as if it was hit by a surge of lighting. She had just realized that James was speechlessly looking at her underwear, it was pretty easy for James to see her panty because she is standing at the top, while James and Airi is below.

Reina: “Kyaaa, y-you got it all wrong Oneechan…it was mommy’s fault, she forced me to wear this…”

Reina immediately pressed both of her hands covering her shown panty using her skirt. But that action made her lean forward, which caused her to fall from the veranda.

Airi: “Reina! Nooo!”

Airi shouted in despair seeing her sister falling from the veranda.

Fortunately, James easily caught the falling Reina into his arms. The scene was too heartwarming, it’s as if Reina leap towards James, and James easily caught her. It would have been a perfect scene of two couples hugging each other. But a certain girl is emitting a murderous intent which ruins the good mood between Reina and James.

Airi: “Hee, how long do you intend to hug James Reina?”

Reina, Upon seeing Airi’s menacing glare, immediately separated herself from James, of course she thanked him. Which made Airi glared at her the more. Because Reina had just kissed James lips and his right cheek as thanks.

James heart skip a beat, because right now, James could see Reina’s face up close, her Long eyelashes and hazy big eyes is captivating, it gave of a fairy like image. Her shoulder length silky black hair gently swayed as she collected herself. Without any kind of stagnation, His heartbeat grew faster due to the sudden kiss, even though it was only their first meeting, Reina’s petite stature was alluring, her height is only around 5’3.

James: “A-are y-you a-a-alright?”

Seeing James stutter, Reina let out a giggle and said.

Reina: “Yes, all thanks to you my P-r-i-n-c-e”

Then she immediately took james left hand and hugged it between her still developing breasts.

While on James right side, Airi was only giving of a forceful smile.

Airi: “Hmp, it’s just like I though… my James is starting to attract more girls…”

James: “Hmm? Did you say something Airi?”

Airi: “*flinch*, no I’m fine, but James remember this, I am number one ok?”

James: (Number one? Did she mean that she is my first friend?) “of course, your my number one Airi”

Upon seeing the lovely dovey expression of her sister, Reina then said to James

Reina:”Mou, then I am your number two, ok James?”

Seeing Reina’s smiling face, James though hard to himself

James: (Number two? Did she mean my 2nd friend? Wait …is Stella my 2nd  friend? Naah, it seems that she hated me for some reason…) “Ok, Reina, your my number two”

Reina: “yay, then I’ll be on your care from now on my prince”

Airi: “*Flinch* no, his my husband, come lets go inside now my hubby”

Airi forcefully pulled James inside.

James: (Huh? Prince? Husband? Could it be that they like me?…naah, I am over thinking this, maybe it’s only a big misunderstanding on my part…yea that’s got to be it  )

James is at lost for some moment, but it looks like that he does not hate his current circumstance, not even one bit at all.

chapter 2

chapter 4

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