Chapter 4 – New World Online

James is now left all alone,

James: (It seems like the people living here is so busy, and I also never thought that Stella also lived here, including myself, it seemed 3 other girls live here.)

James was pondering to himself about living with 3 other beauties. But he also pondered to himself about what had happened earlier, Reina called him her prince and Airi called him her husband.

James: (But still…was it really a misunderstanding on my part? I never had someone liking me…except my mommy Julia…)

James was reminiscing the days he live together with his grandaparents, but the love of his grand mother Julia is different from the love of a mother, much less his step  mother. Julia dotes on James, it wasn’t strange at all because that’s how grandmothers act towards her grandson’s and granddaughter’s, but the love of a mother or step mother is different from a grandmother.

James: (But the last time that me and Airi met, she said she likes me…but now… I don’t know if her feelings had change from back then…I should ask her next time after she returns from her trip.)

((Author:Well…I think he does not realize the advances of Airi and Reina on him…ohh poor girls hehe))

Airi, together with Reina and Stella went on a trip, it was a student council event thingy or something. Airi is the president, Stella the vice president. While Reina is the disciplinary committee leader or something… that’s why James is all alone.

James already settled himself on his new room, his room is located between Airi and Stella’s room.

While laying down on his bed, James saw a game pod inside his room, located besides his bed.

James: (Hmmm, I guess thinking about love and stuff is not my forte… I should just go with the flow, but… I sure hope that Airi still likes me and still has feelings for me. I am glad that I  manage to conceal my excitement when we reunited…I don’t even know what would had happened if I get too excited)

James while thinking about some stuff about his first crush totally forgot that he was supposedly need to decide whether to tag along with Airi and the others on their Field trip.

Airi basically told James that he was welcome to tag along on their trip,

After a few minutes passed, James is now in a deep slumber. He slept for roughly 8 hours and woke up around 7pm in the evening.
The first thing he did was open up the 7ft tall fridge and saw all kinds of high class food.

But surprisingly James did not take any of them and just dialed a phone to order some pizza.

Upon grabbing his phone, James saw 3 new messages, when he clicked the first one he had this expressionless face on him then after a few minutes his face paled, because the message was.

– From xxxx4564889
James, its me Airi. We waited for you here in front of the gate for roughly 20mins, and it seems that you don’t want to tag along…It’s too bad because we finally reunited with each other. But I am also happy in knowing that upon returning to the dorm, I know that you are there waiting for me.
PS: you can eat and cook whatever food you see on the fridge my hubby.

James: (…I am sorry for falling asleep…hmm, what does hubby means? Is it some kind of nickname… ohh I know it must be some kind of food inside the fridge, she did say fridge my hubby.)

James had no clue that the hubby part was referring to him. So with his moronic mind, even though he is smarter than any others, he is just too stupid when it comes to that kind of stuff.

James then clicked the next message.

– xxxx4564887
Hello my prince, it’s me Reina. It’s too bad that you did not want to come with us. But I understand, it must be because you had some important things to do right? Or don’t tell me you fell asleep because you were tired or something. But no worries, when I come back I’ll be sure to spend the remaining days before the new school term starts with you hehehe.

James: (Ohh I am glad in having Reina as my new friend, even though I feel awkward with strangers, but the vibe I feel in Reina is relaxing. I bet the two of us would become best friends.)

James did not really get what the real message that Reina had wanted to convey to him, but meeh, sooner or laterhe will realize it.

Then lastly, James read the last message. Upon reading it he had this clueless expression on his face. The message was.

– xxxx4564888
Hello Mr. indecent man, its me Stella. Let me warn you first, DO NOT enter my room or the others while we are on this field trip. And its too bad that you did not come, I would have …I mean Airi and Reina would have been happy to have you around.
PS: I-its not like I feel lonely that the guy w-who t-took my first kiss is not coming…don’t get the wrong idea. I am plenty happy that you did not come with us hmph.
PPS: You don’t need to reply, since we are very very very very very very very very busy.

James: (I took her first kiss? *reminiscing* ohh it must be at that time when she tripped…but it was an accident… I better apologize to her, no wonder I feel like she’s somehow hostile towards me.)

James vowed to himself that he must apologize to Stella, even though it was not his fault in the first place.

*Ding Dong*

*Ding Dong*

James: (Ohhh that must be my pizza.)

James immediately went to open the door, upon opening James saw a pink haired girl, her height is around 5’4, and her age is somewhat around the age of 15, with the right curves and fat on her body although most of it is on her breast…but to sum it all up, she is a beauty rivaling the beauty of Airi, Stella and Reina heck her breast is even bigger than them by leaps of bounds, true enough she was wearing a pizza delivery outfit.

James: (Oh, this must be the delivery girl…)

Delivery Girl: (Wow, what a tall and handsome looking man…wait, how come a man is here in Seinen High? Meeh who cares as long as his handsome.)

James: (This is getting awkward now…why is she staring at me? is there something on my face?)

Delivery Girl: (Oh my, his staring at me…what should I do? Oh right I am here to deliver his pizza.)

Delivery Girl: “Ehem, Hello, I am Sanae, 15 years old. I am doing a part time job as a delivery girl here inside the campus and I am also a first year student here this coming school term, *bow* please take good care of me.”

James: (…why is she introducing herself to me?)

James was confuse because Sanae began to introduce herself, even though he wanted to eat the pizza immediately. But since James is a gentle man, he introduced himself as response to Sanae’s introduction.

James: “Likewise, the names James, I am the one who ordered that pizza, I am also a first year starting this new school term.”

Sanae: “Really!? I hope we get to be in the same class”
*grumgle, grumble*

Suddenly a grumbling sound is heard, yes it came from James stomach.

Sanae: “Ahh, I am really sorry I forgot about the pizza, here’s the pizza James, ahhhh-”

With a smiley face, Sanae took out the pizza in order to gave it to James…but she tripped face ward towards James, luckily James was soo tall that he manage to catch the pizza while Sanae was somewhat hugging his chest, pressing her own chest to him.

James: ”….”

Sanae: “….sniff”

…well she took a sniff on him,

James: “………”

There was silence for around 1minutes before Sanae realized the blunder and shameless thing that she had done.

Sanae: “Ahh!, I AM SO SORRY”

Sanae was soo embarrass that she ran away immediately, leaving the dumbfounded James staring at her back.

James: “…ah, hey wait….what about the payment for this pizza….” (Ohh well, since she said she was also a first year, I’ll pay her when I see her again at school.)

James took the pizza to his room and ate it all. He then took a look towards the pod besides his bed and decided that he may as well try and play it while waiting for Airi and the others to come back from their trip.

The pod was shape like a large egg shape couch. It was soft and comfortable to lay down in.

James entered an laid himself inside the pod.

James : (soo…how do I activate this?)

James took a look around inside and saw the start button, when he pressed it, the pod suddenly activated and some kind of helmet suddenly enveloped his whole head.

James: (woa, this is too awesome, it feels like I am in some kind of mechanical robot or something hehe)

James was soo thrilled that he forgot to hear the words of the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

A.I. : “….Hello? Are you deaf or something? Sir? Mr? Do you want to create a new character?”

James: “Ohhh, awesome, where is this voice coming from”

James was really enjoying his very first experience being inside a pod….

The A.I’s tone of voice was now becoming somewhat angry.

A.I: “Sir…the scan on your iris bla bla bla, do you want to create a new account here in new world online?”

James: “*getting excited* Woa, I am floating this is soo cool, I have to find that voice, I knew she’s gotta be here somewhere.”

James is literally ignoring the female voice… and is now exploring the whole void space thingy.

A.I: “*sigh*… It’s the first time this happens….”

A.I: (Hmm oh well at least he is handsome, *giggle*, I guess I better choose for him.)


Congratulations! Your account has been created.
Name, James.
Race, Human Male.
Appearance, random.
Starting city, random.
Stats (can be viewed once you are in your starting city or when you are in the tutorial island)

James: “Huh? What is this?”

A.I: “I am glad that your behaving now, as you can see, I decided to choose your race and just randomized your appearance and starting city”

James: “Hmm…oh well I don’t care, it’s just a game anyways.”

A.I: “Ah, and since your actually listening to me now, would you like to do a tutorial? Or I will just send you on your way now”

James was pondering hard to himself, he did not even care that the A.I decided to create his account for him. Rather, the A.I just randomly picked James appearance and starting place. James avatar is somewhat the same as him, but the only different was his hair color, the A.I seemed to gave James a long curly brown hair.

((Author: yes the one on the cover page.))

James: “Sure. I would like to do the tutorial”

As response to James answer, he was now being envelop by a bright light and is sent to the tutorial island.

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