Chapter 5 – Tutorial Island

James was transported on the tutorial island,.

There , he for the first time of his life saw a lot of players, varying from old, to young, from female to male.

James: (Woa, this feels too real, the smell, even the way I move my body.)

James began to move his body, he was doing some kind of comedic act in the middle of the spawn point of the newbie players.  Others would glanced at James and laugh on his comedic act. While other girls found him adorable and attracting, but none of them had the courage to come closer to him and start a conversation. Well who would? He was moving and jumping like an idiot…

There was a large space at the center of the miniature town on the tutorial island on where the newbies start their training, it was called training grounds. The training ground is where the players would pick out their favorite type of weapon and hit the dummy for training, others would ask the instructors for advice, while others would just pick out their weapon of choice and start hitting the training dummies.

But was different, He found it boring,

James: (Its somewhat boring…sword, bow, spear…there is a lot of different weapon here, but I feel like it is too boring to just keep hitting the dummies, well it is a virtual reality game, but… this is a game I should do what feels like fun for me to do. Yup I decided to explore a bit and find something fun to do.)

James had no intentions of grabbing a weapon in order to hit a dummy, which means the training island is somewhat useless to him…but alas, maybe it is fate for him to just roam around the island until he get tired.

The first thing James did was sat on the corner while watching every one doing their training earnestly.

James: (This is weird… are they really enjoying hitting those dummies? Is it fun to continue hitting them?…ohhh that one suddenly disappeared.)

James was pondering to himself why other players where having fun hitting the training dummies. Until he saw one player disappeared. Yes he was not all that shock, since the other players had said, “ Lucky, he is now moving fort to an adventure”, “Yea, but I heard that we have to spent 1month in game time inside the boundaries of our respective cities or kingdoms.” , “Yup, I bet it’s more fun there than here in tutorial island, come on lets go and talk to the guide and be on our way to adventure hehe” etc…

After a few hours of roaming around, James came back to the training ground. And miraculously those noisy players were now all gone. James did not regret his roaming around the small island, because he saw that the island was big enough to be considered as an adventurous island.

Upon moving to the forest part of the island, James saw an old man sitting on a tree bark. He actually knew that the old man is somewhat a forester or something. Since James saw that on the training ground the muscle man was the battle trainer, while those who have some chef hat was the cooking trainer and others. In short, the small training island is some kind of all in one small gathering of basic trainers. Varying from, battle, cooking, mining, fishing, crafting etc…. but for some reasons, the players only pick up weapons in order to hit the un-moving dummies, they probably want to finish the tutorial faster then go for the real adventure. Which is made James think that it is boring.

James: “Hello there gramps.”

Upon hearing James call, the old man’s ears suddenly perk up, he hurriedly and happily looked towards James direction and said with a teary eyes.

Old man: “Oho, I-it’s the first time someone wanted to speak up with me”

James: “Hmm…no need to cry gramps… I am just passing by.”

Upon hearing what James had said, the old man suddenly felt sad. Because he might have though that James wanted to learn something from him. Of course It was understandable, since he is also a trainer and as a trainer, he also want to teach those so called players who came to their world his specialty.

Old man: “Ohh…that’s too bad…I guess cutting tree’s is not much fun than those slashing with weapons, hey kid if your lost, just go towards the center of this island and you will find the combat trainer.”

the old man though that James was lost, he even though that James was one of those players who wanted to hold a weapon and start hacking and swinging it on those unmoving dummies.

But James answer had bewildered the old man.

James: “*sparkling eyes* gramps, did you just say cutting tree’s?”

With no motivation at all, the old man answered James.

Old man: “Yea yea, I know its not what you youngster wanted to do, cause its boring and such.”

James: “What the heck are you saying gramps, cutting tree’s is one of my hobbies, I even know its benefits. And compare to hitting those unmoving dummies, its much fun to cut tree’s! it gives me some satisfaction after cutting down a tree or two.”

The old man was now seeing James in a new light.

Old man: “Yea, you are right. I am glad that a youngster like you knows the fun of cutting tree’s, I will even tell you its benefits hehe, first it will allow you to be more in tune with nature, like you could earn some earth resistance due time hehe cool right? And see this” *strip* the old man removed his upper shirt and his supple muscle was shown.

James: “Woa, that’s cool gramps, you looked like just my grandpa back home.”

Old man: “Oho, I do huh? Your grandpa must be a great man for having taught his grandson the fun things about cutting tree’s ohohohohoho”

Old man: “Kid, you’re the first one who had shown interest on what others called trivial skills, would you like to learn, no let me rephrase myself, kid would you like to become my apprentice and learn the skills and fun of being a wood cutter? Of course its not one of those jobs or mastery you travelers spoke about. This is just some kind of sub skill which won’t lose to those combat skills, so what do you say kid?”

James: “Yes, it’s much more fun than hitting those dummies repeatedly”

Old man: “ Hehe, good answer kid”

You have been accepted by Marvin as his apprentice, you are now starting to learn the art of woodcutting, legend says that it is one of the best method to train one’s body to its peak condition.


Quest has been triggered,


Marvin’s apprentice [rank D]
-Marvin has taken a liking to you and is now teaching you the way of the woodcutters, there is cons and pro’s on being a woodcutter. Be vigilant, knowing the skills of a woodcutter is like a blessing by heaven themselves.

Quest Rewards:

-[Rank SS] Unique skills of a woodcutter
-Log pouch(can contain up to 250pc of logs)

Quest Consequences: Its soo easy, that there is no way of failing the quest.

Marvin: “ Before we start your training, can you let me see your status first?”

James: “ Ok, sure, status! Share to Gramps Marvin”

NAME James
Level 1
Race Human Gender Male
Attack 41 Defence 46
Health 250 Mana 425
Strength 20 Intelligence 75
Agility 15 Wisdom 75
Stamina 15 Leadership 0
Luck 0 Charm 50
Fame 0 Infamy 0
Elemental Resistance
Fire 0 Water 0
Wind 0 Earth 0
Light 0 Dark 0

Marvin: “….wonderful, your status is waay beyond than what I had ever imagined, your grandpa must have trained you pretty well on the art of woodcutting, there is not much I could teach you except for the skills that I have created this pass few years of my life hohohoho”

Marvin was impress on James stats, since  New World Online also scans the body and mind and it reflect ones starting stats perfectly, for example, if one is a body builder of course he will start with a high strength. But in James case, since he was a kid, his hobby was cutting tree’s together with his grandpa Clain, with his excessively high IQ, it’s no wonder that his stats came out that way.

James: “ I don’t really quite get it, but I promise to work hard Gramps Marvin”

Marvin: “Good, good, here’s a hachet, go cut down some tree’s over there and come back with 100 logs”

James: “…….”

James was not expecting for Marvin to be such a strict instructor, but given hispersonality, he will not give up without trying. Since its just game, his mind was already set on enjoying it to the fullest.

Marvin: “ What are you waiting for? Go!, I am not too lenient on my apprentice, if you want to learn my personal skills, you must earn it *grin*, now go before I change my mind, hohohohoho”

James: “Ahhh, right on my way gramps”

Marvin: (*sigh* basing on his stats alone and his build, this kid will become one of the best adventurer, and of course there is no doubt about it, he would also become a ladies man…oh how good it is to be young hohoho.)


(assuming all stats are 1, then this is the result)
Attack, 1, defence 1
Health 100, mana 50, <- fix

1 strength = additional 2 attack
1 stamina = additional 10 health and 3 defense/ additional .5/sec health regen every 10 stamina
1 intelligence = additional 5 mana
1 Wisdom = additional .5/sec mana regen every 10 wisdom

chapter 4

chapter 6

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