Chapter 6 – Sanae

A pink haired girl could be seen running fast, so fast that those Olympic runners would be put to shame.

This pink haired girl is the pizza girl, named Sanae.

Sanae was running away for some reason, yes and this reason was the incident that happened when she delivered the pizza to James place, or rather the blunder that she had caused, it was not such a major blunder, all she did was accidentally tripping face ward towards him. She was lucky that James had caught the pizza.

It would have been such a dramatic scene, but nope, it became awkward, because when Sanae was falling face ward towards James. She accidentally hugged him, to make it worst, she even sniff him which had caused the awkward silence between them, which lead to her running away due to embarrassment.

Sanae: (Kyaa, why did I do that? Now Darling must be thinking that I am some kind of a perverted girl.)
((Author: lol darling? Well…that’s….fast?))

Sanae was running with her hands covering her face, if others sew her state, they would become stunned. Not because of her fast running, but because she somehow ran so fast while covering her face without even tripping. She even nimbly evaded those obstacle in her path, like those huge trash can which she manage to leaped over while jumping with her hands still on her face.

Sanae suddenly stopped, as if she had a brake on her two feet, it was a perfect stop. No excess movement or what so ever happened. If it was some other people who did a sudden stop with that running speed, they would surely tripped over because of the law of acceleration.

Sanae: “I am home.”

Sanae entered a very huge house, no! She entered a huge mansion. There was no hint of sweat on her face, even though she ran a 500meter dash without stopping from James home, towards her own.
Then a dandy looking man around in his 30’s welcomed Sanae.

Dandy man: “Welcome home Sanae, did you finally stopped that weird hobby of yours?”
Sanae pouted from what her father had just said to her.

Sanae: “Mou daddy, it’s not a weird hobby. It’s a –part-time-job, a part time job, ok?”

Dandy man: “*sigh* Sanae, how many times will I say this to you? If you want some extra pocket money, all you need to do is ask, there is no need for you to do some tedious work Sanae.”

Dandy man: “If you want some work, I could ….”

Before Sanae’s father could finish what he wanted to say, Sanae immediately cut him off and said.

Sanae: “Daddy!, I decided to quit my part time job”

Upon hearing what Sanae had just said, this dandy looking middle age man’s eyes suddenly sparkled with a glint of happiness.

Dandy man: “Then, you will allow daddy here to give you pocket money?”


Dandy man:”……” This dandy looking man suddenly lost the glint of happiness in his eyes and said.

Dandy man: “*sigh*….ok honey, what is it now that you want? From being a maid, a gardener, a chaser, a driver, a delivery girl. You know its ok for you not to do a part time job right? Heck, I even encourage you to ask money from me and spend it the way you want.”

This dandy looking middle age man become depressed, all he wanted was for his daughter to be spoiled by him.
Sanae: “Daddy, I have some favor to ask from you”

Hearing that his lovely daughter had wanted to ask a favor from him, his eyes shone with glint, he then proudly said with his clenched right hand placed upon his chest.

Dandy man: “Anything for my lovely angel”

Sanae:”Daddy, I am moving out of the house”

Upon hearing what his daughter had just said, this dandy looking man lost all the color of his face. His face was so pale that anyone might have thought by just looking at him that it might be the end of the world or something.

Dandy man: “W-w-what are you saying Sanae? D-d-don’t tell me that your moving in with some guy are you?”

This dandy looking man was stuttering, it must have been a real shock for him to know that his one and only daughter is suddenly leaving.

What shock him more, was what his daughter had casually answered him.

Sanae: “*blush* Yup” Sanae casually answered her father while fidgeting with her fingers.

This time, Sanae’s father lost all the color on his face, if this was an anime, we could probably see that the sky has already fallen on top of him and we could have also seen some thundering effects on the background.

After a minute of silence, Sanae’s father recovered his bearings and he was almost shouting.

Dandy man: “W-who? Who is it? Who is taking my daughter away from me?”

Sanae: (Oops, I answered without thinking…now daddy won’t let me move in together with my darling James)

Sanae was thinking on how she should explain to her father, or rather she was pondering with all her might on how she could convince him.

Then Sanae suddenly though of a great idea, which has 101% of probability of convincing her father.

Sanae: (Hmm, I should just lie a little bit to him.)

Sanae: “Daddy.”

Hearing Sanae’s call, this dandy middle age man regain his composure.

Dandy man: “Ehem, W-what is it my little angel.”

Sanae: “Sorry about earlier daddy, I was just messing with ya.”

Sanae’s father regain the color on his face and said.

Dandy man: “T-then you’re not moving out anymore Sanae?”

Sanae: “I am still moving out daddy, but it’s only a couple blocks away. And its…..ummm, yea its President Airi’s place, yup that’s it, I am moving in towards president Airi’s place in order to learn some things from her and become a decent and great student like president Airi.”

Sanae was making lies after lies on the spot, but little did she know, her lie was in fact 100% true. She did not even know that James was already living with Airi, not just Airi, James is going to be living with 3 beauties, mainly Airi, Stella, Reina.

Dandy man: “Hmm, Airi huh…..ok your allowed to move in to her place, you should learn some proper etiquette’s from her Sanae, *sigh* and she might influence you to become a great role model student like her.”

Sanae: “rReally? Yay, I love ya daddy.”

Sanae hugged her father and immediately went up towards her room and rapidly packed.

Sanae: (Fufufufu, I am coming my darling)

~~Meanwhile in some only girls private island. Three girls were arguing.

Reina: “mouuu, Airi Onee-chan. What’s the meaning of this?”

Stella: “Yea, please explain this situation Airi.”

Airi: “Uuuggg, would you two cut it out already!? Even I did not know that our field trip is going to be a two months field trip…even…even I wanted to spend some time with James….”

The three beauties were arguing, and Airi got the most blunt out of it. She was being double teamed by Reina and Stella, oohh poor Airi.

Reina: “W-what should we do? I-I can’t live not to see my prince for two whole months.”

Airi: “W-what do you mean your prince? His my husband to be, in short his my darling. A-and its first come first serve, I met James first so h-his mine.”

Reina: “Mou(pouting) Onee-chan, it’s not fair, your being soo unfair Onee-chan. A-atleast I want to be his lover….or h-his second wife*blush*”

Both Airi and Reina are now staring each other’s eye before shaking hands as if they had finally reached a conclusion.
But there was one person who was blushing from their conversation, and yes its Stella, she was listening on their bickering concerning James, she was even itching to join in their bickering since truth to be told, everyone who is not dumb enough could guess that Stella also has developed some feelings for James.

Stella: “W-what shameless things are you two spouting about? That shameless beast is not that a-attractive.”

Reina: “Oho? Don’t tell me that Stella Onee-chan also has some feelings to my prince?”

Airi: “Ehem, my husband to be you mean? Right Reina?”

Reina: “Mou(pouting), ok fine, our James I mean.”

Airi: “That’s better, even though I am reluctant to share my darling, it’s not like I am a possessive type…it’s just that, maybe if James is surrounded with a lot of girls, then he might noticed my feelings towards him.”

Reina: “Right, I agree with you Airi Onee-chan, our James is lacking some common sense towards romance, and it’s up to us to make him realized about our feelings.”

Reina: “Speaking of romance, Stella Onee-chan also has feelings towards James right?”

Airi: “Actually, it’s like this *whisper* *whisper*”

Stella: *Blushing* “h-hey Airi, what are you whispering towards Reina.”

Both Airi and Reina were now giggling while glancing at Stella.

Reina: “Hehehe, is that really true Onee-chan?”

Airi: *nod* “100% true, even I, cant believe that the prim and proper Stella is soo shameless *giggle*”

Reina: *chuckles*”I can’t believe it too, she pushed James on their first meeting and she gave him her first Kiss? Hehehe, Stella Onee-chan, we are comrades in arms now, since I also gave to our darling James my first kiss on our first meeting *blushing*”

Both Airi and Reina were teasing Stella until her face was as red as a tomato, they could even see some smoke coming out from her head.

Stella: “Mou(Pouting), cut it out already you two…I-It was an accident.. But it was a good kind of accident*blush*”

The three of them were now blushing and giggling with each other. While waiting for the two months to pass by.
Little did they know, a pink haired beauty is already making her move towards their beloved James.

((Author: Oh how nice it is to be young hehe))

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