Chapter 8 – Meeting the twins.

Quest accepted.


Collect some ore in the mine and come back to Marvin so that you could start learning about fletching.

After receiving the quest, James went his way towards the mine location.

James arrived after 15 minutes of running, he ran at top speed without even stopping.

James: “*haggard breathing* ha-ha phew finally I’m here”

After James had arrive he then went inside the mine, upon entering, he was greeted by a dark cobalt stone on the floor and a dim lighting inside, the cave itself gives a feeling of a dungeon filled with boundless monster…

James: “Woa! It’s my first time inside a mine, but I feel so much excitement right now”

With his excitement overflowing, James delve deeper inside the mine, he had forgotten that he supposedly need to collect some ore and return back to Marvin so that he could learn how to fletch.

James: “Hehe, this is so cool! This feels like one of those horror movies that I had watch back then.”

James: “I sure hope that there will be some monster jumping out of nowhere at me hehehe”

James was excitedly running deeper and deeper inside the mine, weird even with dim lighting James did not even trip from the rock formations on the ground.

After running for around 100 meters, James finally arrived at his destination. Yes, he finally found the instructor….and here I though James would have had forgotten his purpose.

James: “Umm, excuse me sir”

Unknown Instructor: “Hm? What is it young man?”

Upon seeing the instructors haggard face, James was somewhat taken aback.

The instructor was in his mid-40s, with oversize packed muscle bulging from his clothes and a haggard face that could not be called handsome.

James: “Sir, I need some ore, can you please give me some?”

Unknown Instructor: “Ohoho, so you want to become my apprentice? “

James: “….No sir, I just want some…”

Before James could finish his words, the haggard face instructor cut him off while saying with a smile.

Unknown Instructor: “Ok fine if you insist on becoming my apprentice, I can’t really deny you. Come and meet your fellow apprentice, I can’t believe that I could get 3 new apprentices today. Haha, it’s been so long since someone wanted to learn how to mine ore from me, hehehe”

James was bewildered, he was really shock, he didn’t want to become his apprentice, much more learn how to mine, but he could do nothing about it now. Since a popup appeared in front of him, telling him that he was accepted as the apprentice of Olrik the miner.

Olrik the legendary miner has accepted you as his disciple/apprentice, you can now learn from him on how to mine, how to successfully forge them and even learn the uses of the different kinds of ore.

At first, James was somewhat shock and had a deadpan look on his face, because in this small training Island, he was already a disciple of two legendary figure…how can it be? A tutorial island which houses many legendary beings is unheard of, even in the forum. This information must be top secret within the minority of the players, if it wasn’t, surely this small Tutorial Island would already be bustling with players right now.

James was being led my Olrik to meet up with his fellow apprentice/disciple, they arrived at the portion of a cave, but before Olrik and James went inside to meet the other two apprentice, a loud arguing could be heard from deep within the allocated cave.

Unkown female1: “What are you doing Oneechan, that’s not how you mine an ore. Don’t just smash your pickaxe wildly, you must aim for the right spot Oneechan.”

Unknown female2: “Hmp, don’t teach me how to do it May, it’s not like you’re doing any better, just look at that, you also can’t even hit the exact spot either.”

Unknown female1: “A-at least I am not leaving a mess around! Look at this mess Oneechan, that grumpy old man would surely scold us.”

Unknown female2: “…should we ran for it then May?”

Unknown female1: “…yes I guess, it’s not like we wanted to be a miner anyway…”

James could not help but listen to the bantering of the two girls before he and Olrik proceeded inside.

Upon entering, his line of sigh fell upon the two female apprentice. James was speechless for a second, because what he saw was two identical girls, with the slight difference in hair style, the left one had a ponytail while the right girl had a twin-tail hair style. The rest was all identical, even the color of their hair, skin, eyes, and their height is identical.

James: (…do I know these girls? I feel like I have known them from somewhere…but I can’t put my tongue to it…meh I’ll probably just remember it someday anyways, better not think too much right now.)

James had a feeling of melancholy upon seeing the two identical girls, but he could not pinpoint it out from his memories.

Olrik: “Hey May, Sel, what are you both being noisy for? Did I not tell you girls not to shout while still being here inside this mine? Your voices are echoing all over the place”

May: “wa-wa…Old-…I mean master Olrik, it’s just that…we can’t seem to do it right…”

Sel: “*whisper* I told you so Mel, that girls should not do these kind of things, let’s just go and leave already I bet-“

When Sel landed her gaze upon James, she abruptly stop speaking and a hint of blush could be seen from her face.

May also shifted her gaze unto James, upon landing her eyes onto him, just like her twin sister, a flustered face could be seen upon her face.

Awkward silence fell upon the cave before Olrik broke it with a slight chuckle.

Olrik: “Hehe, It truly is my lucky day today, a handsome bait had arrive, heavens must want me to teach this two girls the art of mining, hell! I’ll even teach these three my prize blacksmithing fufufu.”

Olrik did not really spoke in a loud voice, he only spoke in a low tone. But since they were inside the mine, his tone was loud enough to echo. Making the two girls blush upon hearing him, but they could not reprimand him since first expression is a must. They could  not waste the chance to have the best first impression to this handsome young man.

Every new players has the same clothes and items, the only different was their face and height, since they could only change the length of their hair, the style and its color, and the rest is unchangeable.

The two twins kept staring at James face, they could feel their hearts thump with each passing second. Their face getting flustered with each passing minute and their breathing getting heavier with each breath.

James had an unkempt hair, brown long curly hair, the twin girls could not know whether that was James original hair. But that was all minor detail, what took the girls fancy on him was naturally his handsome face and height, since naturally his face and height could not be altered so the twins had already guessed that James was tall and handsome in real life as well.

The twin’s height was only at shoulders length of James. They could not help but slant their head upwards a bit in order to gaze at James handsome face.

James: (This…this is getting awkward…why do these girls keep staring at me intently? And why is their face flustered?…oh right, it must be because I’m a new fellow apprentice and it’s damn too hot here inside the mine, yup that must be it.)

Of course James who is not well verse in romance, or not well verse with the opposite sex was ignorant to the feelings of the twins.

James did not even realize that today, he earned a twin stalker…yup, the gaze of admiration and adoration was seen in the eyes of these twins. Even Olrik had found out immediately that this twin apprentice of his is love-struck at the sight of James. He even guessed that if push comes to shove, these girls would follow James around.

Olrik: (Hehe, young ones these days, they easily fell in love. *sigh* but I feel like rooting for these girls, I hope their stalki—love would reach James someday.)

Olrik had already realize at first glance that James had no understanding at the workings of a woman’s heart, hell James did not even know that the gaze within the twins eyes was full of love and adoration for him.

Unknown to Olrik, there were already a number of girls lining up, and making their moves on James in real life. And like the two girls in front of him, their actions was also misunderstood by James.

May: “A-ah right, my name is Maylene, please to meet you…umm?”

James was startled at the sudden introduction of the pony tailed girl, who bowed her head at him, but hey he respond with courtesy anyways.

James: “Likewise, the names James”

Upon seeing James courteous response, Sel, who was beaten by hear sister at the first impression thingy, frantically said her name.

Sel:  “Ahhh, my name is Selene, it’s nice to meet you James”

Olrik at the side could not help but say with his brows raise high.

Olrik: “Oho? I though your name is May and yours is Sel?”

May: “Ah yes it is, but that’s only our name here in New world.”

Olrik: “New world?”

Sel: “Ah what my sister meant is here in Gantea”

Gantea, the name of the world in new world online, a massive fantasy world full of monster and uncharted regions. Where the dreams of mankind lies, the dreams of all those who wanted a life of adventures, the world of dreams of those who wanted to experience the joy of adventuring and diving deep within a dungeon, forest, deserts, underworld, or the vast sea. Anything is possible, everything is achievable, of course it all depends on the player themselves on how far they could travel in this epic world Gantea.

Olrik was suspicious at first, but he had to let the matter go, since some serious matter is needed to be dealt first.

Olrik: “Hmm I see, oh well… now let as get back to as why you girls were soo noisy when I strictly warned you not to make such noise within-”

Olrik was not able to finish what he wanted to say, because the girls who he was going to lecture were now gone from his sigh.


Olrik turned his head at his side, and what he saw had actually made him face palm himself.

Olrik: “*sigh* I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later…But I did not expect it would happen this quickly!”

The twins were fawning all over James, what I meant by fawning is being all touchy touchy…yup that kind of fawning.

James was stupefied, he could not help but think whether he was some kind of rare animal or something. He could not make any sense on why the twins who he only had met just now, is touching his arm, face, hair, hand and even his chest.

James: (Wh-what is going on here? am I some kind of rare animal or something?)

James was in deep thinking, he was thinking what could be the reason why the girls who he literally had met only just a min ago is now so overly familiar with him. Of course he could not find any possible reason at all.

All he could come up with was.

James: (Hmm…maybe I am popular with women?)

James was only half-jokingly thinking but, he could not help but feel a bit embarrass. His heart somehow was restless, *ba-dump, ba-dump* he could not help but swallow his saliva. Whether he was already starting to be conscious of the opposite sex, or was it just the humid temperature inside the mine?

No one knows what is happening inside of James mind and why his heart was beating loudly, was it because of the twins fawning on him? Or was it really just the temperature?

Olrik: “….”

Olrik: “May! Sel!”

Upon hearing Olrik’s loud voice, which echoed within the entire mine, both Maylene and Selene  froze on the spot while being glued to each side of James arm.

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