Chapter 9 – Obsessive twin’s

With bits of sweat flowing down from their foreheads down to their neck, both Maylene and Selene felt a chill run down their spine.

With their arms hard pressed on each side of James, the twins steeled their selves and replied to this middle age master of theirs.

May & Sel: “Y-yes master?”

Olrik: “As I was saying, what is this mess here?”

As if they were struck with lightning, both Maylene and Selene’s body quivered, while both of James arm is in between of their breast.

With a bright red face, James could feel their quivering through his very own arm, the feeling of his arm in between their soft breast is just too good for him to react.

May & Sel: “Uh-…umm…it’s because…w-we…”

Both girls were stuttering, with their grip on each of James arm getting tighter and tighter they tried to explain themselves but they don’t really know what to say.

James: “*cough*Ehem!”

Upon seeing the twin’s dilemma, James *cough* so that he could attract Olrik’s attention upon himself.

Both Maylene and Selene’s eyes widen in anticipation, while squeezing James arms between their soft breasts tighter and giving him a puppy look eyes hoping that he would help them somehow.

James, upon seeing the look of both Maylene and Selene had the urge to pat their heads, but because of his arm being restrain between their breast, he could only show them a reassuring smile. Which made the twins glee in happiness, so happy that they even snuggle their head on each of James side, and of course his arms is still being squeeze tighter between their breasts.

Olrik raised his eyebrows while meeting James gaze with his.

Olrik didn’t know whether he would be angry that Maylene and Selene only stayed as his apprentice because of the presence of James, or that more troubles would appear with the presence of James. He felt that as long as there were no competition for James attention, both Maylene and Selene would not make any trouble.

But given James look, with brown hair, tall height and a handsome face, it is impossible not to attract the attention of other females much less the jealousy of the males.

James: “Master Olrik, can you please let this matter go?”

With a serious expression on his face, James decided to help the twins. Of course he was also anxious, since his original goal was to collect some ore so that he could return back to his other master, Merlin.

Olrik: “Hm… I guess I could, but in one condition.”
When both Maylene and Selene heard Olrik agreed, they were instantly over joyed. If Olrik wasn’t around, both Maylene and Selene would have already showered James with kisses.

James: “W-what is the condition master Olrik?”

James was nervous, not because of what his master Olrik said, but because James could see some glint on the very eyes of this middle age miner. He was sure that, when people show those kind of eyes, it was the sign that trouble would come his way one way or another.

Olrik: “It’s not that hard, I just want you James to be the one who will inherit the unique skills that I had created in these past few years”

James could not respond to what Olrik had just said, it’s not like it was a bad thing to receive a unique skill, it’s just that receiving another unique skill in the same day he created his account is beyond absurd. Even if he is a newbie at games, James was not that stupid to not realize the usefulness of those unique skills.

Seeing James silence, Olrik was going to convince him no matter what, but before he could even speak, both Maylene and Selene spoke at the same time.

May & Sel: “N-no fair! Why is it only James? What about us master?”

Maylene and Selene was not really that jealous, it’s just that, it was just too unfair. James was the third apprentice. But Olrik had personally wanted James to be the one who will inherit his unique skill.

Both twins were not a newbie at games, in fact, they could be even called a pro gamer at other games. And having a unique skill at the starting phase of the game is a very very good thing. Of course they were happy that James was chosen by Olrik to be the one who will inherit his personal skill, but both Maylene and Selene were hoping that Olrik would teach them a unique skills too, or just a rare skills would also do just fine.

Olrik: “*sigh*, you girls are not meant to be a miner…”

Sel: “What!?”
May: “*Hic-hic* b-but,*hic* why did you *hic* a-accept us as your apprentice then?”

Maylene was crying…naah She’s just acting, it was too obvious that these twins had wanted to ran away from being Olrik’s apprentice earlier, were it not for the sudden appearance of James, maybe these two girls would have already gone away from tutorial Island into their respective cities.

Olrik: (….do these girls really though that I would be fooled easily by their acting? ok I admit that I might have been fooled if I was younger, their acting is just that good. But I, Olrik, who had many life and death battles in my entire life is not that easy to be fooled…but hey, since the both of them is also my apprentice and all, I might as well teach them a rare skill or two.)

Olrik: “Ok fine, I can probably teach you girls a rare skill or two.”

May: “Really? Yay, did you hear that Oneechan?”

Sel: “Y-yea, thanks a lot master Olrik”

Both Maylene and Selene were over joyed, they were just acting hoping to learn even a basic skills from Olrik, but they have not expected that it would be this easy. It might be just a rare skill, but being a new player at level 1, a rare skill is already a blessing from heaven.

Meeting the handsome James, and getting a rare skill. Both Maylene and Selene were overjoyed beyond words. If they could, they would have already jump at James and ravage his entire body…ok maybe just the lips.

Because both Maylene and Selene were thinking that, both twins were thinking that maybe James is their destined man, with his presence alone, he made them experience the joy of falling in love and even made them luckier.

May & Sel: (He is be our destined man, our personal god…) ((Author: Lolz, haha))

May & Sel: “Fufufufu”

*Shiver* James felt a shiver ran down from his entire body, it must have been a premonition of an upcoming danger or something. He never realized that he had gotten himself two extreme stalker and the trouble that these adorable stalker would bring upon him…

Looking at the two girls on each of his arms, James though that they were only laughing and giggling happily because Olrik had said that he would teach them a rare skills.

James still felt somewhat uneasy, but it only lasted for a few seconds before his uneasiness fully disappeared from his mind.

Olrik: “Ok, follow me. I’ll explain to you guys what mining is all about”

James, Maylene and Selene followed their master unto a corner.

Olrik gestured for the three of them to sit down on the chair provided. But only James had sat, since both Maylene and Selene had claimed each of James lap as their own chair. Maylene and Selene had a satisfied expression on their faces while sitting on each of James lap and snuggling their adorable heads on James chest.

Shockingly, Olrik did not even payed any attention to the actions of Maylene and Selene.

Heck he did not even bothered to give a glance at them, he just sat on his chair and sighed as if he gave up the thought of interfering on his apprentice’s love life.

Olrik: (*sigh*, May and Sel is head over heels in love with James. I just hope that nothing bad happens when other girls start appearing around James.)

Olrik had already guessed in his mind, that James would have a lot of girls around him sometimes in the future. His only worries is, whether both Maylene and Selene are willing to share.

Olrik: “Ehem, now that I have your attention. First thing’s first, what do you guys understand about Mining?”

May: “Um…hitting rocks?”

Olrik: “….”

Sel: “Is it collecting rocks?”

Olrik: (…what the hell? When I took these twins as my apprentice, I was pretty sure they have abundant of knowledge about mining. But why are they acting dumb now?)

Olrik was flabish, he did not expect that both Maylene and Selene would act as if they were novices in mining. Albeit, he was pretty sure they had sufficient knowledge about mining.

Olrik: (Now that I think about it, these two girls seems to have made a mess earlier…damn it, I bet they were playing around. Tsk)

Olrik was in a dilemma, he couldn’t decide whether he would expose the lies of Maylene and Selene, or just pretend that these girls really does not have any experience about mining.


May: “Hehe Oneechan, look at James muscle, so firm”

Sel: “Kyaaa, right right, and he is also so tall.”

Olrik: “…..”

Olrik wanted to ignore their flirting, but he had finally reach his limits. How could he explain to them all about mining if they were not even listening. Heck they even forgot to answer decently his question about what they understood about mining, so he took a mud ball on the ground and threw it on their faces.


Olrik: ”…pfft, hahaha”

Olrik wanted to act like a proper adult, his face shows seriousness in it, but when he saw their faces covered in mud, he could not just hold himself from laughing.

James was stupefied, but seeing this haggard face middle age man laughing. He could not bring himself to hate him. James is what you may call, eccentric. He does whatever he wants, as long as his actions does not break any rules.

*splat, splat, splat*

James & Olrik : “…..”

James was smiling, he thought that what Olrik had done was childish, but he had also totally for gotten that both Maylene and Selene were both childish too.

May & Sel : “Pfft haha”

Maylene and Selene had thrown back a couple of mud balls back at Olrik. Which made both James and Olrik speechless, who wouldn’t? They friggin threw a mud ball at their master…but since Olrik was in a good mood, and it was him who started it. The four of them had just laugh it off.

Of course both Maylene and Selene had taken this opportunity to molest their beloved James. they were touching him all over his body, they fully took the opportunity and slipped their hands inside James cloths, touching his stomach, chest, and back.

Olrik was watching with a shock expression on his face, he could not understand why James was letting these two girls molest him. but little did he knows, in James mind, the action of both Maylene and Selene was just a playful act for him, he had suffered much worst in the hands of his childhood friend, not that much of a childhood friend since they had only met around 10 times in these last few years that he was with his grandparents.

Maybe that is why his actions and reactions when he met again his first love was so very different than their first meeting.  His childhood friend must been also the reason of why he did not think too much about the actions of the girls flirting with him.

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